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Masonic Ceremonial Dagger Freemasonry

Overall Length: 15.5" Blade: Slightly Sharpened
Blade Length: 10" Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Handle Length: 5" Handle Material" Golden Metal with Imitation Velvet Inside
Condition: Brand New

This is the Masonic Dagger with some of the ancient symbols and tradition that mark the society of its name. The Masons are one of the oldest known societies and have an intriguing history with strong ties to the Templar Knights.

The Square and Compasses stands prominent against the cross guard of the sword, interwoven into a tapestry of Masonic symbols. The artwork and symbols found along the cross guard and pommel are in relief of silver and gold. At the ends of each cross guard is a moon and a sun. The handle of the sword is golden with red fabric and detailed fittings. The pommel of the sword is the five sided star interwoven with a G in silver and gold set against a red background.

The Dagger includes a table top stand that holds the dagger vertically.

Dagger Only $35.00!
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